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First Step Scholarship Career Tech Award

Local area high school students received First Step Career Vocational/ Technical Scholarships from the Braunfels Foundation Trust & The Baron and Baroness’ of the Trust at the McKenna Ballroom on April 26th.  The Projects Committee worked with both local school districts and their high schools to solicit applications from graduating high school seniors interested in post-secondary education for vocational or technical careers and or the testing required to take the next step in the process of work after high school.

This year, 2018, the Braunfels Foundation Trust(BFT) awarded 72 graduating seniors from our area the BFT First Step Scholarship. The board allocated up to $109,500 toward these scholarships.




Communities in Schools

The Foundation proudly provides the Hinman House at no cost to the “Communities in Schools” for their head quarters office. For 2011/2012 the “Communities in Schools” was also granted an additional $20,000 to allow them to provide an additional counselor within the City of New Braunfels.