Baron and Baroness Gathering at River Hofbrau 2016


Many thanks to the Events Committee and Baronesses Casey Cox, Shelly Minus and Toya Boyer in planning the get together at the River Hofbrau.  For those of you unable to attend, you were missed.  River Hofbrau provided delicious food, lovely river views and the company was wonderful!

Trustee President David Lamon, welcomed everyone and thanked them for supporting the First Step Scholarship program. Last year, 28 $1400 scholarships were awarded. Thank you to Betty Kyle, Chair of the Projects/Scholarship Committee along with Co-Chair Sandy Kibby for your leadership.  The 2016 Scholarship Reception will be May 19 at the McKenna Event Center. Plan to come and meet the 2016 scholarship winners.
Lamon also thanked Teresa Johnson, her committee and all you Barons and Baronesses for your support in making the Living Legends event a success in 2015!  This year, Robin Jeffers will lead the committee with the first BFT Celebration Luncheon featuring the Living Legends of New Braunfels on Monday, October 3rd at 11:30 at the McKenna Events Center.  See you there!
NBB 2016
New Barons and Baronesses
Fun at River Hofbrau!
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