Barons and Baronesses at McAdoo’s 2020

Teresa Johnson, Trust President welcomed everyone to the March Social at McAdoo’s.

She thanked the Events Committee and Baroness Casey Cox and her committee in planning the get together at McAdoo’s Patio.  For those of you unable to attend, you were missed.  McAdoo’s provided delicious food and drinks on the patio; the weather was perfect and the company was wonderful! 

Johnson introduced the Trustees for 2020: Judge Charles Stephens Vice Pres., Michael Meek Secretary/Treasurer, Brandon Dietert, Carroll Hoffmann, Helgard Suhr-Hollis, Wes Studdard, Barry Williams and Shane Wolf.


She announced that each year the Trustees take on a leadership role in the various committees.  This year,Trustee Helgard Suhr-Hollis will lead the presentations of the Braunfels Foundation Awards. These awards are funded from a donation by Harry and Christine Dierks. Annually, one boy and one girl from the eighth grades in each middle school in New Braunfels receive the Good Citizenship Award. It includes a framed certificate, their name on a plaque in their school and a $250 Visa gift card.

Johnson thanked the Barons and Baronesses for their support in the First Step Scholarship program. Last year the Trust awarded 41 scholarships. Each recipient received a $1500 vocational or technical scholarship. The Trust will award the 2020 Scholarship recipients on Thursday, April 23 from 5:30 -6:30 at the McKenna Ballroom.  Please plan to attend and congratulate the students the Trust will be honoring!

On behalf of the Trust,  Johnson thanked the Scholarship Committee, Kimberley Wersterfer, Chair of the Scholarship Committee and Judge Charles Stephens, Trustee liaison to the committee for helping the Trust identify recipients of the Scholarship.  The committee will be reviewing the 2020 scholarship applications on Wednesday, March 18 at 4:00 in Honors Hall.  

Trustee Wes Studdard is the liaison to the Celebration Luncheon committee. That committee will be led by Mary jane Coleman this year. Each year the Trust recognizes the Living Legends of New Braunfels. The 2019 Living Legends were, Bruce Boyer, Jay Brewer, and Betty Kyle. They were honored at the Celebration Luncheon at the McKenna Event Center last October. Johnson thanked last year’s Chair, Becky Krueger, her committee and all you Barons and Baronesses who assisted in making the event a success! 

The Braunfels Foundation Trust Celebration Luncheon featuring the Living Legends for 2020 will be Monday, October 5 in the Ballroom of the McKenna Event Center. We hope you all will attend luncheon.

Trustee Shane Wolf heads the Baron/ Baroness Social Committee, while Trustees Barry Williams and Brandon Dietert head Membership. 

Trustees Carroll Hoffmann, Michael Meek, along with Johnsn lead the Long-Range Planning for the Trust. Tablescapes came out of the LRP  last February and on February 7 Tablescapes premiered at the Grande Ballroom in Milltown. And it was a success! WE had 15 table sponsors and design teams to decorate the tables. Lark Mason was guest judge and awarded “Best in Show” to the Hoffmann Financial table and design team, Lindsay Haas, Emily Hoffmann and Judy Hoffmann. The People’s Choice award went to  Mike and Bette Spain’s table and the design team from La Belle Vie. Congratulations to them all! Thanks so everyone who supported this endeavor.  She recognized the Steering Committee of Tablescapes: Chair – Renee Lehmann,  Norma Blackwell, Toya Ohlrich Boyer, Mary Jane Coleman, Brenda Cuvelier, Lindsay Haas, Felicia James, Debbie Meek  and Teresa Johnson. She thanked all who assisted with Tablescapes 2020. Johnson reported that  TABLESCAPES generated over $14,000! Next year, the goal is for TABLESCAPES to be even better. See you February 19, 2021, more informaton to follow.

Johnson thanked the Events/Social Committee for planning tonight and the BFT calendar for 2020.  Members appreciate having this time together and your leadership makes it possible.

Johnson announced the new Barons and Baronesses for 2020:

James and Linda Dickerson, Kathy Lockhart, Claudia Valentine, Deb Wigington, Karen and Joe Hugenburg, Lynda and Dale Campbell and Steve Wigington(Not pictured Gary & Pam Barr and Drew & Margie Traeger)